6931356Title: The Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Author: Kody Keplinger
Published: 2010 by Little Brown/Poppy
280 pages
Source: Purchased
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First questioooon. Thoughts before starting the book?
Mackenzie: I thought it was going to be like the movie trailer and be like a Mean Girls kind of book. I was shocked by the swearing and sex parts because I thought it wasn’t going to be that serious.
Mallory: All I knew was there was a lot of sex and swearing and that people either really love it or really hate it. But I avoided all reviews to keep myself spoiler free.
Maria: I was a bit influenced by the movie trailer and was a bit worried that it would end up being too cheesy.
Marissa: I didn’t know much about it but I was excited to start using it since it was popping up everywhere all of a sudden.

What did you think of Bianca and Wes’s very first encounter (when she threw the drink on him)?
Mackenzie: I thought he kinda deserved it after being mean to her and trying to get her friends through her.
Mallory: I was happy she wasn’t afraid to stand up to him and cower down and stay quiet like most girls would. I loved her reaction and she earned a ton of respect from me at that point.
Maria: I thought it was pretty funny. She added so much humour to the book. He probably deserved it.
Marissa: I was cringing about everything Wes was saying, he definitely deserved the drink being thrown on him.

How about your feelings on their first sexual encounter? Did your opinions of anyone shift?
Mackenzie: No my opinion didn’t shift of either of them but I was surprised because I knew nothing about the book beside what I saw in the movie trailer so I never thought they would be friends with benefits kinda thing. I understand she wanted to be distracted but it probably wasn’t the smartest move at first since they hated each other. I started to like Wes around that point though.
Mallory: Yeah from the first time they got together I was hooked. I just wanted them together so bad. I loved the way they opposed each other in basically every way and how she was never afraid to tell him whats what.
Maria: I had a feeling that it was going to be bad… but at the same time I couldn’t help but start to like Wes. He’s a pretty likeable character, I couldn’t help it.
Marissa: I don’t know why I liked them together from the first encounter, but I did! I started to like Wes more immediately.

Did the way they used each other disturb you at all?
Mackenzie: Not really because it was more of a distraction for both of them and they were being safe. It was someone to be there for them. I didn’t like when it was like eery day and she would lie and ditch her friends.
Mallory: No, because they could have been turning to worse like drugs, alcohol, etc. I think they needed each other to get over the things in their lives that were bringing them down.
Maria: Surprisingly no. I guess once I learned why they were doing it, I understood. They both needed something to escape.
Marissa: No I thought it was understandable since they both had issues to deal with. I just wanted them to realize they loved each other!

Did you like or dislike Wes?
Mackenzie: I liked him, even when he first talked to her and was being a jerk, he was flirty/playful which I liked. It’s really had to hate him and Robbie Amell is gorgeous so I’m excited to see how he does as Wes.
Mallory: I really loved him. I think he just put up this tough guy wall around him to hide the fact that he was lonely. It bothered me that he kept calling Bianca “Duffy” thoughout the story, but he grew on me a lot. I really enjoyed his character.
Maria: I hated when he called Bianca “Duffy”. It drove me nuts. But deep down he was an amazing guy.
Marissa: I liked him a lot! He matured so much throughout the story and he really made me feel for him. And when he sent her that note saying that he doesn’t chase girls but he’s chasing her, ugh. Just love him. But yeah, “Duffy” was super annoying.

What did you think about Bianca and Toby?
Mackenzie: It was awkward to read because he was the distraction from Wes and he was pretty boring too.
Mallory: Ugh, did not like Toby at all. It felt so strained and awkward and not even believable. Plus come on, we were all shipping Bianca and Wes.
Maria: I was glad that she finally got with her crush, but I knew she wouldn’t be as happy as when she was with Wes. I’m glad she gave it a shot with Toby though. It did help her realize her true feelings for Wes.
Marissa: Their relationship was awkward and forced to me. I’m glad that it didn’t last long because they’re better off as friends for sure.

How did you feel in general about the term “Duff”?
Mackenzie: At first I thought it was really mean to say to someone but after finishing the book it had a good meaning, that everyone is a Duff to someone and just not care what others think.
Mallory: I think the author hit that nail right on the head. Girls are so worried these days about appearance because of the media and your confidence always goes down when you are with a group of beautiful people. But I like how the girls in the book took a new meaning to it.
Maria: Mean. Definitely mean, but very original. It made for a unquie book!
Marissa: I felt like it was just as derogatory as any other term a high school student could use. But I agree, very unique. I really liked that Casey and Jessica were shocked that Bianca thought she was the Duff when they saw themselves in her spot because it is all about your own perspective.

Overall feelings about the book?
Mackenzie: I really liked it. I thought it had a great overall message and that it had some serious topics. It was very relatable and real to put yourself in Bianca’s shoes.
Mallory: I am so happy we picked this book. It’s been on my tbr for years and now I really wanna watch the movie. I haven’t even watched the trailer for it yet!
Maria: So so glad we picked this book to discuss because it’s been on my tbr for way too long. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I would even consider reading it again someday. I’m excited about the movie now.
Marissa: I loved the whole book. It felt real and less cheesy than I expected. I was so content with the ending. I know the movie isn’t going to be exactly like the book but I’m excited to watch it.

Rating on Goodreads?
Mackenzie: ★★★★★
Mallory: ★★★★★
Maria: ★★★★★
Marissa: ★★★★★

Here’s the trailer for those of you who haven’t watched it yet. Enjoy!