18460392Title: All the Bright Places
Author: Jennifer Niven
Published: 2015 by Knopf
388 pages
Source: purchased
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“You are all the colours in one, at full brightness.”

Caution! Spoilers ahead!

Thoughts before starting the book?
Mackenzie: I didn’t really know what it was about or what to expect. The lady at the bookstore recommended it to me and said it was very good and I heard good things online. I also heard they were making a movie adaptation and that got me interested because it’s not too often that a new release already has a movie in the works.
Mallory: I don’t even think I had heard of it until you guys suggested it. I was a little upset that they made the comparison to The Fault in Our Stars because let’s be honest, we all know someone is going to die when that happens.
Maria: I sort of had high expectations because of it being compared to The Fault in Our Stars and Eleanor and Park, but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did.
Marissa: I didn’t know anything about it going in so I just kind of blindly jumped in.

What were your first thoughts on Finch?
Mackenzie: Finch I really liked but he was a weird character. I loved how he cared so much about Violet. It was interesting to hear his point of view about like and stuff.
Mallory: I adored Finch right from the get go. He seemed to have such positive thoughts about everything, even after we learned about his growing up. I loved that he wasn’t afraid to change his personality from week to week and no one could bring him down.
Maria: I wasn’t sure how i was going to feel about Finch. The fact that he was so “out there” and had suicidal thoughts made me wonder if I would be able to connect with his character. The more I read, the more I loved him! He was smart, funny and full of adventure. He narrated his parts of the story amazingly! I don’t think I will be forgetting his character for a long time.
Marissa: I really fell in love with Finch’s character. He was so easy to picture and seemed like a loveable guy.

And Violet?
Mackenzie: Violet was just okay for me, though I felt bad for her loss, she was like every other high school student except she wasn’t living life until she met Finch.
Mallory: With Violet I felt so bad for her, Finch was exactly what she needed to bring her life and joy back to her.
Maria: I thought that Violet was a sweet girl. I was glad that she was there for Finch. She understood him more than anybody and accepted him the way he was.
Marissa: I wasn’t sure about Violet at first because I was worried she’d be a super annoying and popular girl, but I started to like her more once we got more of her story.

What did you think after Finch talked Violet down from the balcony but she continued to let everyone call him Theodore Freak?
Mackenzie: I understood because she didn’t know him well, but she could have stood up for it. It really frustrated me that she went with the popular kids and ignored him.
Mallory: I was really disappointed in her character then. I understand she didn’t want everyone knowing it was her but it really bugged me how she let everyone keep calling him that. I think if someone saved my life I’d be forever grateful and would stand up for them no matter how unpopular they were.
Maria: I didn’t really think too much of it… I don’t think I expected her to change right away, or to defend him right away either. The pacing was done right in this book. It wouldn’t have seemed as “real” otherwise.
Marissa: I really thought she’d be the bigger person and stand up for him. Super disappointing.

What did you think of the wanderings?
Mackenzie: I really liked it and that’s when I started liking Violet as a character and loving Finch. Even though he has problems he is a great person. I loved their adventures and how it brought them together. Violet finally started to live after her sister’s death.
Mallory: Sooo cute. So so cute. Like better than any date I’ve read in a story. The wanderings made me so happy I found myself smiling the whole time they were out. It really got Violet to live a little more and you could really see both characters coming out of their shells a lot more.
Maria: I thought that this was an awesome part of the book. It took the characters on so many adventures. They didn’t stop at just two, they kept finding new wanders to visit. These places brought the characters closer together and helped them be themselves despite what they were going through. It makes me want to go on my own wanders.
Marissa: It was so fun since they were so unusual. I thought it was pretty great that Finch was able to get Violet in a car again after the accident.

Did you like the use of the alternating chapter points of views?
Mackenzie: Yes because they were two very complex characters that had two different stories and two different points of view. If there wasn’t both of their points of views, especially Finch, I think it would have ruined the story.
Mallory: At first I only liked Finch’s chapters. So getting to Violet’s got a little slow for me. But once I started liking her I found that it made the book fly by a lot faster than if it had been just one point of view.
Maria: I think that it was done really well! Both characters were written so good, they really each had their own voice in the story. I especially loved Finch’s point of view.
Marissa: I really liked getting a boys point of view, it was a nice change.

What did you think of the writing style?
Mackenzie: I loved it! It was beautiful and I loved the metaphors that Finch had and it felt a lot like John Green and Rainbow Rowell mixed together which I loved. This book should be put into schools. It could help so much and give others information.
Mallory: You can tell the author has dealt with this in her life (if you read the authors note at the end you will find this information). So much emotion came through her words. It makes a whole different story when you can feel the emotion they are conveying through the story telling.
Maria: I absolutely loved it. It surprised me so much.
Marissa: I liked it a lot. It was almost poetic. And I agree with Mallory, so much emotion was conveyed through it all.

Did you like the parts about the use of post it notes? When Finch would have them all over his walls and then Violet started using his method?
Mackenzie: Yes it was a nice twist to the book and very creative and original. It was cute. This book would have really affected me when I was younger and it would have been great to read it while I was still in school.
Mallory: It’s cool things like that that really stick out to me in a book. Staring at the cover I wondered how the post it notes would come into play. And it’s funny how them writing simple little words on them would hit me right in the the feels. I loved the part where they would write good words and post them and then write bad words and crumple them up.
Maria: It was definitely a unique part of the story. Finch was a unique character so of course it fit well. I agree with Mallory, it’s these little things that are going to reach out to young readers.
Marissa: Yeah it made me want to cover my room in post it notes!

Did you think Finch was going to kill himself? And if so, how did you think he was going to do it?
Mackenzie: I wasn’t sure. I kept going back and forth. I thought Violet would have helped him get better. After he left and barely answered I knew he would since it was only Violet’s perspective. I really think he could have gotten better, it was so sad. I had no idea how, he changes his mind so much I couldn’t even guess.
Mallory: Yes and no and yes and no. My mind was so back and forth with this. I kept thinking no, even after he swallowed the pills. I didn’t think he was going to leave Violet like that, especially after having helped her get over the death of her sister. After him leaving I knew he would. But how really stumped me. I thought he was going to crash his van.
Maria: I don’t know how to answer this at all! It was definitely in the back of my mind the entire time that I was reading the story, but I fell so hard for the characters that I couldn’t help by HOPE that the author wouldn’t do that to me! I actually cried when it hit me, and I felt a bit of hatred towards Violet for telling her parents (not going to lie). Basically, I was sitting on my couch, crying, saying no no no no no, please be alive, you have to help Violet, you have to finish the project, you have to LIVE!
Marissa: I sadly knew he was going to, I just didn’t know when or how. I wanted it to be a happy ending but after he moved into his closet I definitely knew it was going to happen. I kind of thought he was going to crash his van by going too fast.

Did you like the use of the back story? Eg Finch’s dad beating him and Violet’s sister dying in the crash (showing us that anything can drive someone to think that suicide is the only answer).
Mackenzie: Not really because it was sad but his dad really didn’t make a difference at all and I hated him. It was interesting to hear about Violet’s sister because it played a big part in her story.
Mallory: It makes me feel so bad knowing the one thing can make such a harsh difference in someone’s life. I want to help all the people going through suicidal thoughts.
Maria: I appreciated it. It had me putting myself in their shoes and understanding their situations a lot more. The whole mental illness aspect of the book really had me interested. It really hit me hard and opened my eyes up.
Marissa: The back story let us see into Finch’s world so much and how he felt alone in his family which I liked a lot. I wanted to know more of Violet’s story other than just her sister.

What was going through your mind when Violet went to find him?
Mackenzie: That I hoped he was alive and she could bring him back home but I knew deep down that he was already gone. I reread it at least three times.
Mallory: I had such a dreading feeling. I didn’t want her of be the one to find him. I looked ahead a few paragraphs and when she said she found him I thought he was alive and felt so relieved. Then kept reading and the dread settled in a little more. I can’t imagine the haunting feeling of finding someone like that.
Maria: I was freaking out. Hardcore. It was like I knew what she was going to find, but I didn’t want to bring myself to believe it. I read that part of the book over again just so I could deal.
Marissa: I felt so sad for her the whole time especially since Finch’s mom made her go find him. It was so sad.

And final question, were you happy that she was brave enough to finish the wanderings without him?
Mackenzie: Yes, I knew that she would find something he left behind when she went. It was so beautiful but so sad.
Mallory: The way she did them and found all of his little clues was so adorable it made my heart hurt. But it was nice to see her not coop herself up and away from everyone, but go out and get the closure that she needed. I think for the heaviness of the story the ending was a lot happier than I expected it to be.
Maria: Yes! I was really sad and I don’t know how she did it, but I was so proud of her. I was happy with what Finch left behind for her and I think that finishing the project helped her heal.
Marissa: I loved that she had the courage to do so and was able to get a final goodbye through them. I was reading the last wandering in my religion class and was crying when she read the song he left. So sad but so romantic.

Can we just take a second to also appreciate the name UltraViolet ReMarkeyable?
Mackenzie: Yes!! That was so cute!!
Mallory: If a boy ever gave me a name like that I would cry. Sooo adorable.
Maria: Yes! Everything about this story was so flipping cute and original
Marissa: Gah, so adorable!

Rating on Goodreads?
Mackenzie: ★★★★★
Mallory: ★★★★
Maria: ★★★★★
Marissa: ★★★★


6931356Title: The Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Author: Kody Keplinger
Published: 2010 by Little Brown/Poppy
280 pages
Source: Purchased
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First questioooon. Thoughts before starting the book?
Mackenzie: I thought it was going to be like the movie trailer and be like a Mean Girls kind of book. I was shocked by the swearing and sex parts because I thought it wasn’t going to be that serious.
Mallory: All I knew was there was a lot of sex and swearing and that people either really love it or really hate it. But I avoided all reviews to keep myself spoiler free.
Maria: I was a bit influenced by the movie trailer and was a bit worried that it would end up being too cheesy.
Marissa: I didn’t know much about it but I was excited to start using it since it was popping up everywhere all of a sudden.

What did you think of Bianca and Wes’s very first encounter (when she threw the drink on him)?
Mackenzie: I thought he kinda deserved it after being mean to her and trying to get her friends through her.
Mallory: I was happy she wasn’t afraid to stand up to him and cower down and stay quiet like most girls would. I loved her reaction and she earned a ton of respect from me at that point.
Maria: I thought it was pretty funny. She added so much humour to the book. He probably deserved it.
Marissa: I was cringing about everything Wes was saying, he definitely deserved the drink being thrown on him.

How about your feelings on their first sexual encounter? Did your opinions of anyone shift?
Mackenzie: No my opinion didn’t shift of either of them but I was surprised because I knew nothing about the book beside what I saw in the movie trailer so I never thought they would be friends with benefits kinda thing. I understand she wanted to be distracted but it probably wasn’t the smartest move at first since they hated each other. I started to like Wes around that point though.
Mallory: Yeah from the first time they got together I was hooked. I just wanted them together so bad. I loved the way they opposed each other in basically every way and how she was never afraid to tell him whats what.
Maria: I had a feeling that it was going to be bad… but at the same time I couldn’t help but start to like Wes. He’s a pretty likeable character, I couldn’t help it.
Marissa: I don’t know why I liked them together from the first encounter, but I did! I started to like Wes more immediately.

Did the way they used each other disturb you at all?
Mackenzie: Not really because it was more of a distraction for both of them and they were being safe. It was someone to be there for them. I didn’t like when it was like eery day and she would lie and ditch her friends.
Mallory: No, because they could have been turning to worse like drugs, alcohol, etc. I think they needed each other to get over the things in their lives that were bringing them down.
Maria: Surprisingly no. I guess once I learned why they were doing it, I understood. They both needed something to escape.
Marissa: No I thought it was understandable since they both had issues to deal with. I just wanted them to realize they loved each other!

Did you like or dislike Wes?
Mackenzie: I liked him, even when he first talked to her and was being a jerk, he was flirty/playful which I liked. It’s really had to hate him and Robbie Amell is gorgeous so I’m excited to see how he does as Wes.
Mallory: I really loved him. I think he just put up this tough guy wall around him to hide the fact that he was lonely. It bothered me that he kept calling Bianca “Duffy” thoughout the story, but he grew on me a lot. I really enjoyed his character.
Maria: I hated when he called Bianca “Duffy”. It drove me nuts. But deep down he was an amazing guy.
Marissa: I liked him a lot! He matured so much throughout the story and he really made me feel for him. And when he sent her that note saying that he doesn’t chase girls but he’s chasing her, ugh. Just love him. But yeah, “Duffy” was super annoying.

What did you think about Bianca and Toby?
Mackenzie: It was awkward to read because he was the distraction from Wes and he was pretty boring too.
Mallory: Ugh, did not like Toby at all. It felt so strained and awkward and not even believable. Plus come on, we were all shipping Bianca and Wes.
Maria: I was glad that she finally got with her crush, but I knew she wouldn’t be as happy as when she was with Wes. I’m glad she gave it a shot with Toby though. It did help her realize her true feelings for Wes.
Marissa: Their relationship was awkward and forced to me. I’m glad that it didn’t last long because they’re better off as friends for sure.

How did you feel in general about the term “Duff”?
Mackenzie: At first I thought it was really mean to say to someone but after finishing the book it had a good meaning, that everyone is a Duff to someone and just not care what others think.
Mallory: I think the author hit that nail right on the head. Girls are so worried these days about appearance because of the media and your confidence always goes down when you are with a group of beautiful people. But I like how the girls in the book took a new meaning to it.
Maria: Mean. Definitely mean, but very original. It made for a unquie book!
Marissa: I felt like it was just as derogatory as any other term a high school student could use. But I agree, very unique. I really liked that Casey and Jessica were shocked that Bianca thought she was the Duff when they saw themselves in her spot because it is all about your own perspective.

Overall feelings about the book?
Mackenzie: I really liked it. I thought it had a great overall message and that it had some serious topics. It was very relatable and real to put yourself in Bianca’s shoes.
Mallory: I am so happy we picked this book. It’s been on my tbr for years and now I really wanna watch the movie. I haven’t even watched the trailer for it yet!
Maria: So so glad we picked this book to discuss because it’s been on my tbr for way too long. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I would even consider reading it again someday. I’m excited about the movie now.
Marissa: I loved the whole book. It felt real and less cheesy than I expected. I was so content with the ending. I know the movie isn’t going to be exactly like the book but I’m excited to watch it.

Rating on Goodreads?
Mackenzie: ★★★★★
Mallory: ★★★★★
Maria: ★★★★★
Marissa: ★★★★★

Here’s the trailer for those of you who haven’t watched it yet. Enjoy!


17788401Title: Ugly Love
Author: Colleen Hoover
Published: 2014 by Atria Books
337 pages
Click here to find it on Goodreads

“Love isn’t always pretty. Sometimes you spend all your time hoping it’ll eventually be something different. Something better. Then, before you know it, you’re back to square one, and you lost your heart somewhere along the way.”

First question is going to be the same as always, what were your thoughts before starting the book?
Mackenzie: I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never read a Colleen Hoover book before, I wanted to go in not knowing too much.
Mallory: I had high expectations because I read Maybe Someday before and freaking loved it so I hoped I would love this one just as much. It was also so hyped up that I was scared I would be let down by that.
Maria: This was my second Colleen Hoover book, so I’ve already had a taste of her writing style. I heard nothing but amazing things about Ugly Love and had a good feeling that I was going to like it.
Marissa: I didn’t read into it at all, so I went in blindly. I saw some brief opinions on Goodreads but that was it.

Cover art. Like or dislike?
Mackenzie: I like it a lot! I like how simple it is but to me it’s intriguing.
Mallory: Yeah it’s simple but I really love the design of it.
Maria: I really like it. I find that as much as it comes off as simple, it also stands out because of the color and texture. It’s very pretty.
Marissa: I also liked that it was simple. I was trying to figure out what it had to do with the story for the longest time.

Did you like the way the chapters alternated between past and present?
Mackenzie: Yes, I liked it because you really got to see his back story and in more detail then if there weren’t any chapters from the past.
Mallory: I liked the way it alternated by damn I wanted to see into present day Miles’s head SO BAD.
Maria: I really liked learning about Miles’s past. I wanted to learn more about why he acted the way he did and what caused him so much hurt.
Marissa: I loved the alternating but I agree with Mallory, it was killing me not knowing what present day Miles was thinking.

What did you think of the relationship between Tate and Miles?
Mackenzie: I loved it because it was so real, especially when she knows it’s wrong and he won’t love her but she can’t stop being around him. I absolutely loved when they got together!
Mallory: Always a bad choice for the girl. Of course you always develop feelings. It was pretty obvious she would from the beginning. I really liked her and didn’t want to see her get hurt. I loved the two of them together ❤
Maria: Oh I loved it. I fell for Miles very early on. How could Tate not falling in love with that guy? I liked that the relationship wasn’t perfect. I also really appreciate the build up to it. Miles didn’t fall for her right away, but he slowly did because he just couldn’t help himself. *swoon*
Marissa: I liked their relationship a lot. They both knew they weren’t going to stick to their rules and it was flawed but I loved every second of it.

What did you think of Miles?
Mackenzie: I love him so much! He’s probably my favorite male character!
Mallory: I loooove him. I kept swooning in his chapters.
Maria: He was by far my favorite character. I liked the way he took his career seriously, he valued relationships, and he was a good friend to Corbin. And the way Colleen Hoover described him just made me melt. He had so many issues and I could feel his pain. But loved him anyway.
Marissa: I couldn’t get enough of him! The way he spoke about Rachel had me swooning. Definitely one of my new top characters. I highlighted so many Miles quotes.

Did you like Tate as a main character?
Mackenzie: Yes, she wasn’t one of my top main characters but she really fit perfectly in the story and I liked that she wasn’t annoying and she would stand up for herself!
Mallory: I actually really liked her. And I loved how sassy she was. It was awesome to have a female protagonist not get walked all over by everyone in the book.
Maria: I did! She was a relatable 23 year old woman. I liked that she was getting her life figured out. I feel like she had a good future ahead of her! And yes, she was so kind, I really liked that she went out of her way to befriend an old man.
Marissa: I loved Tate. She was a very relatable main character. And I liked that she was very into school and her job and genuine to everyone, especially Cap.

What were your thoughts on Cap and his relationship with Tate?
Mackenzie: It was probably my favorite part of the book even though I love Miles and Tate, I just adored the parts with Cap! I loved that her best friend wasn’t a girl her age and that Cap gave her good advice and was funny!
Mallory: It was such an unexpected friendship, the 60 year age difference just as well as the way they met, it was the cutest thing. He was just adorable and it made my heart melt when Tate thought about him and made him a sandwich.
Maria: So nice! It was an incredible friendship between the two of them, despite the age difference. Cap was such a funny character and had so much wisdom to offer to Tate. I loved that she was able to trust him and tell him what was going on in her life.
Marissa: Their friendship was perfect. Obviously not the normal best friend character but he was funny and their relationship really showed a lot of who Tate was that she befriended him and would make him food when people like Dillon would scoff at him.

What are your thoughts on Tate’s brother Corbin?
Mackenzie: I liked him and I also liked that he wanted the best for her and didn’t want anyone to hurt her. But sometimes I thought ht was a little bit too over protective.
Mallory: I thought he was exactly like a big brother should be, although maybe he went a little bit overboard at times. But I loved his genuine concern for Tate.
Maria: It was nice to read about a brother/sister relationship. It was cool that they were living together and I liked how protective he was over her, he always wanted the best for his sister.
Marissa: Corbin was an awesome big brother to Tate. He only wanted what was best for her and it was cute how protective he was, to an extent. One of my favorite parts was when Corbin told Miles that he was happy it was him who ended up with Tate because he was the only one who could have met his standards for her ❤

Did you think the story was a good pace?
Mackenzie: I didn’t want it to end.
Mallory: Definitely was for me, I kept flipping pages like it was my job trying to figure out what was going to happen next. So sad when it ended.
Maria: I think it was! I was completely invested in the story. The entire time I was at work I wanted to be reading it because I just couldn’t get enough of their story. I was obsessed with finding out more about Miles and I wanted him and Tate together SO bad.It was perfect pacing for me.
Marissa: I flew through it so quickly, so the pace was perfect for me. I had to keep reading during class because I was so curious about Miles.

Your thoughts on writing style?
Mackenzie: I loved it! Especially Miles’s chapters from the past. It was beautiful.
Mallory: I think Colleen Hoover just uses the perfect words. Especially Miles’s chapters that were written in prose. So beautiful.
Maria: Her writing is simply perfection in my eyes. Every word was amazing in this book.
Marissa: LOVED that it was written like poetry in Miles’s chapters. Colleen Hoover knows exactly what to say and when to say it thats for sure.

Will you read more of Colleen Hoovers work?
Mackenzie: Absolutely! I want to read all her books now!
Mallory: A big yes for me. Definitely reading everything she ever writes.
Maria: Obviously! I can’t wait to read more of her work.
Marissa: Of course! As soon as I finished I went and added her other books to my TBR on Goodreads.

Goodreads rating?
Mackenzie: ★★★★★
Mallory: ★★★★★
Maria: ★★★★★
Marissa: ★★★★★


The Kiss of Deception was supposed to be our October discussion book, unfortunately we all fell behind so moved it to November.

16429619Title: The Kiss of Deception
Author: Mary E. Pearson
Published: July 2014 by Henry Holt
492 pages
The first in the Remnant Chronicles series
Click here to find it on Goodreads

What were your thoughts before starting the book? Did you hear much about it before starting or did you go into it not knowing anything?
Mackenzie: I knew a little because someone was talking about it on YouTube and I thought it sounded interesting. I didn’t feel drawn in by the description on the back.
Mallory: The reason I wanted to pick it up was because I heard someone else talking about it and the way the chapters alternated point of views between assassin and prince and not knowing which is which sounded so good to me.
Maria: I heard good things about The Kiss of Deception and saw that it had pretty great ratings on Goodreads, but didn’t know much about the story. Going into it I was really hoping for the best because the cover is beautiful!
Marissa: I didn’t expect much from it because the back didn’t draw me in at first. I kind of just dived in without knowing much about it.

What did you think of the cover art?
Mackenzie: I really love the cover.
Mallory: I absolutely love it. It’s so dark but it fits so perfect with the setting of the story.
Maria: Its my new favorite cover now and looks stunning on my bookshelf. It is so well done!
Marissa: I also really like it. I like that the flower crown she’s wearing on the cover.

So getting a couple chapters in, did you guys like the way the point of views alternated? And how we didn’t know who was the assassin and who was the prince?
Mackenzie: I liked that we didn’t know who was who but I thought sometimes it was confusing to know whose chapter it was, like was it Lia or the prince, or the assassin, but besides that it was a good idea.
Mallory: I absolutely loved the way it was done. I really like when a book keeps you guessing. And I found the story most fast paced because we didn’t know which guy was which. I wanted to fly through it just to figure ouw who was who.
Maria: I thought that what the author did was brilliant. She turned this story into a fun guessing game for the reader. I really enjoyed the different point of views. It added a lot to the story.
Marissa: I really enjoyed the alternating point of views because its always nice to hear the other side. And it was so fun that we didn’t know who was who and having to guess for ourselves.

Adding on to that, did you correctly guess who was who?
Mackenzie: No, I was shocked.
Mallory: I actually guessed right for once in my life. I kept thinking hey, wouldn’t it be funny if she fell in love with the guy she was supposed to marry and ran away from from because she didn’t love him? So yeah that’s why I guessed.
Maria: I didn’t! I didn’t even know that the book would be about finding out who was the assassin and who was the prince at first. As I read, I became more curious, but in the end my assumption was wrong. I am completely happy with how it turned out.
Marissa: I didn’t. I was so sure I had it right the whole time and was pretty shocked with the grand reveal.

Adding on to that again, are you team Rafe or team Kaden?
Mackenzie: I like Kaden. I still liked them both.
Mallory: Rafe for me ❤ Although Kaden started getting a little better towards the end for me.
Maria: RAFE. I couldn’t help but love Rafe the entire time and it didn’t change in the end, but like Mallory said I started to like Kaden a little more as the story went out. (A LITTLIE!)
Marissa: Team Rafe all the way. Love him.

Moving on to Lia. What did you think of her as our main character?
Mackenzie: I didn’t love her as a main character. She was just okay for me.
Mallory: I actually really liked her. I loved that she wanted to get away from being a princess and work like a normal girl and actually worked her butt off to provide for herself. I found her to be a really strong character.
Maria: I really loved her! I respected her for getting out of her marriage. She was a strong main character. I also really liked how she was a princess, but acted like an ordinary girl most the time and blended in well when she was in hiding.
Marissa: I was all over the place with her. In some chapters I really liked her and in others I didn’t. But overall I think we was a good main character. I agree with Maria, I liked that she didn’t let the royalty get to her head.

Any thoughts on the world building?
Mackenzie: I found a few things confusing and maybe that’s why I couldn’t really get into the story. I really wanted to like it but I just couldn’t. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood to read this book.
Mallory: I think it was well thought out and delivered. I loved how it felt like an older time without really describing much of what kind of time it was. I was really impressed because usually I find so many things I hate about world building in other books.
Maria: I was pretty impressed with the world building. I thought that everything was put together extremely well. The royal aspect was super intriguing for me. I had a hard time putting this book down because of the world building for sure.
Marissa: I liked the old time feel of it as well. It added to the royalty in my opinion. I thought it was really well put together too.

And what about writing style?
Mackenzie: I did like the writing style. It was different from other YA books. I’m going to try and reread it soon and try to get into it better than the first time.
Mallory: The writing fit the story so perfectly to me. The descriptions are done just so well and I just love the way she puts words together. I felt like I was reading poetry half the time! It just flowed so well. And I like when authors throw a made up language in there, it adds a lot to me.
Maria: I feel like it flowed really well. So many details came together to make the story a great experience.
Marissa: The writing was done very well. It got confusing with a lot of the Vendan words thrown in there but I think it added to the idea of barbarians and not being able to understand them.

What did you think of the pace of the story?
Mackenzie: Sometimes it was a little slow but besides that it was a good pace, I think.
Mallory: I really flew threw it and loved every minute of it. Something was constantly happening and nothing felt slow or boring to me.
Maria: I liked the pacing. It wasn’t rushed at all and I was able to really enjoy every minute of it.
Marissa: I like that the chapters weren’t too long which made it flow nicely.

So are you going to pick up the next book?
Mackenzie: I really need to reread it first because I couldn’t get into it at the time, but I’m pretty sure I will.
Oh my gosh, yes! I wish it was going to be published sooner. Can’t wait!
I’m definitely going to. I can’t wait to find out what happens.

What did you rate it on Goodreads?
Mackenzie: ★★★★
Mallory: ★★★★★
Maria: ★★★★★
Marissa: ★★★★


During the month of September myself, Maria, Marissa and Mackenzie decided to make an online book club. We chose the book The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp and we had our discussion through the kik app. We mostly just chirped out random things here and there but I decided to put our discussion together into a post.


Click here to find it on Goodreads
17620971Title: The Spectacular Now
Author: Tim Tharp
Published: 2008 by Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
304 pages

“To hell with tomorrow. To hell with all problems and barriers. Nothing matters now but the Spectacular Now.”

First question. What did you think before going into the book? Before you even read page one what were your thoughts?
Mackenzie: I had kinda high expectations because I had seen the trailer for the movie and I thought it would be something I was really going to like.
Mallory: I completely thought I was going into a cheesy love story.
Maria: Before reading the book I didn’t have any idea what the story was about. And when I read the first few pages about the day time drinking and such, I was really surprised! But after reading it, it wasn’t really what I had expected.
Marissa: I cheated a little bit because I had watched the movie prior to reading it, but I was very excited with high expectations for it.

So what did you think of the ending?
Mackenzie: It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I wanted more to happen. It stopped at the weirdest place and it never answered any questions.
Mallory: I was so upset with that ending I literally wanted to throw my book at the wall.
Maria: I thought it would end differently. I was really waiting for that happy ending.
Marissa: The ending was so abrupt, I had to read it like twice.

What did you think of Sutter?
Mackenzie: I didn’t like him as a character, I wasn’t a big fan of his attitude and the drinking thing. I feel like none of his problems got solved either, he had no growth as a character which was disappointing. I did enjoying reading from his point of view and how it was so different from anything I’ve read but I just thought he didn’t learn anything through out the story,
Mallory: It was refreshing to have a character that is full of flaws. And the whole time I was pissed that it wasn’t a love story ending when I think the concept was more so that no one is perfect and we are probably all going to make mistakes and end up doing the wrong thing most of the time. And I loved his care free drinking attitude. He would definitely be an interesting person to hang out with.
Maria: I found his personality, as much as it was out there and dick-ish (I can’t think of any other way to put it) really made the story entertaining. His careless, bad attitude kind of drew me in. I thought he was really funny too. But I know where Mackenzie is coming from because it is hard to read and connect with a character when you are against the way he acts. He really disappointed me in the end because I felt like he had so much potential. As much as he made the story entertaining, he also made it very very frustrating because he could have learned but just didn’t. I wouldn’t mind having a drink with him.
Marissa: I liked him because he was a real character with flaws and attitude. I really liked that he always had a witty comeback. But there are some parts that made me cringe about him, like with any character. But overall, I agree with Maria and the bad boy attitude drawing me in. And I agree with Mallory, I loved his 7up and whiskey, the only thing you could count on him for.

What did you think of Sutter and Aimee’s relationship?
Mackenzie: I hated how he changed Aimee and lead her on, it was so frustrating! She was such a nice person and I didn’t want her to get hurt.
Mallory: I really just wanted things between them to work out. I think they made a great couple because they were so opposite. 
Maria: The entire time I felt like he was using Aimee and that I didn’t like.
Marissa: I was hoping he would end up going with her in the end.

What did you think of Aimee?
Mackenzie: I didn’t connect with Aimee but I felt bad for her. I did like that she reads. She just agreed with what everyone told her. She wasn’t very independent or spoke for herself. And she was peer pressured a lot.
Mallory: I felt sad for Aimee. She is definitely the type you could see getting cheated on and that made me really sad.
Maria: I had a harder time connecting with Aimee for some reason, I ended up liking his ex girlfriend better. It isn’t that I didn’t like her and I wanted to connect with her more, but she kind of annoyed me and I can’t pinpoint why. I felt bad with her but he just had more chemistry with his ex.
Marissa: I felt bad for Aimee since Sutter was all over the place with “oh I’m not gonna date her” and then turns around and takes her to prom and everything. And she was none the wiser so she just went along with it and really, truly loved him.

What did you think of Sutter hanging out with his ex while he was “with” Aimee?
Mackenzie: I didn’t like it but I did like his relationship with the ex he kept seeing at parties where they talked like Italian mobsters.
Mallory: Well I would not be letting my boyfriend hang out with his ex. I didn’t like that he was seeing her behind Aimee’s back. But I did love the parts with Cassidy and I loved that she was fat. You never really get a fat character in books.
Maria: I have two different opinions for that one. In a way I thought that it was good for them to develop trust. But in a way I was so mad because I couldn’t imagine being in Aimee’s shoes. I wouldn’t like it. Plus the girls are so different. I liked Cassidy a lot and she was fun to read about for sure. And I liked how she was so sure of herself, compared to reading about Aimee. I liked that she wasn’t a stick and she had confidence. I was happy that Sutter had a friend like her and that she supported his relationship with Aimee, but it would have been better if they hadn’t dated in the past and they wouldn’t have to hide their relationship from Aimee.
Marissa: I felt so bad for Aimee but I really admired Cassidy’s wisdom that she brought to the book. She was insightful and a break from Sutter’s attitude. I liked that she was fat as well.

What did you think of Sutter finding his dad?
Mackenzie: I expected more but they had no contact for so long that it wasn’t really a big shock that it didn’t work out.
Mallory: I kind of expected hi, to be just the way he was and I knew it wasn’t going to turn out well at all. It was a big deal for a few pages and then it was done.
Maria: I had a bad feeling about it. I wasn’t expecting it to work out either but I was hoping Sutter would learn something from it. It could have easily been left out of the story.
Marissa: I did not like the dad part. It didn’t add much to the story for me and I would have rather a relationship between his mom or his sister. It just annoyed me more than anything.

Did you like the way it was written?
Mackenzie: I really loved the way it was written. I just with I connected more to the characters.
Mallory: I loved the way it was written and found myself loling quite a bit. Everything feeling realistic was a major plus for me.
Maria: I liked that humour was thrown in there and found myself laughing out loud at times. I also liked that it was very realistic. The author clearly tried speaking to teenagers. Drinking is bad and it pretty much painted a picture of what its like to lose control and the consequences that it would bring.
Marissa: I like that the author made them seem like I was listening in on two real people having a conversation and not just characters written on paper. And there were a few really nice quotes that I found myself highlighting so thats always nice.

What did you rate in on Goodreads?
Mackenzie: ★★★★
Mallory: ★★★★
Maria: ★★★
Marissa: ★★★★