About Us

Mallory currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta with her boyfriend and big fat fluffy cat. She works full time as a hair stylist and when she is not working, you can usually find her in the gym. She is obsessed with organization and is addicted to buying notebooks, pens and other stationary items and she can always be found writing things down and making lists.

She has only gotten into reading within the last five years,ย but reading has now become a big part of her life. She loves to branch out and readย a wide varietyย of books.

Maria is in her third year of university. She dreams of becoming a teacher, building a nice house and having her own library to collect many books. When she isn’t in school, she takes lots of bubble baths, watches superhero related shows with her boyfriend and reads quite a bit.

She developed her love for books very early on, and will read almost anything, but her favorite genre will always be YA.


Mallory and Maria met early on in life, when they were little girls in junior high. Unfortunately Mallory moved across the country and now they live nowhere near each other, but they share their love of books with each other over the internet.



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