17788401Title: Ugly Love
Author: Colleen Hoover Published: Published August 5th 2014 by Atria Books 337 pages
Source: Purchased
Click here to find it on GoodreadsValentines day is coming up ladies – I recommend you pick this one up!

Maria’s thoughts: Beware, rambling ahead. The story is told in alternating chapters. One being Tates point of view in the present and the other being Miles point of view in the past, six years earlier. As the story progresses, we learn why Miles behaves the way he does and what happened to him that caused him so much hurt. I appreciated seeing the past through Miles eyes as it helped me connect more to his character and fill in the blanks. It was refreshing to read about him when he was so young and so in love, but also painful.

I loved each and every one of the characters in Ugly Love.

I loved Tate. She was a responsable twenty three year old with a great future ahead of her. She respected her brother, even though his overprotectiveness could become a bit overwhelming at times. Her feelings were so relatable and very real. All she wanted was to be loved. And she ended up falling very hard for her neighbour across the hall…

I loved her brother Colin. I really liked that he was the protective older brother type and that he was so close to his sister. It’s nice to read about a good relationship between siblings every once in a while. The more the relationship between Tate and Miles became serious, the more scared I was of what Colin would do when he would finally find out about them. No guy was ever good enough for Tate in his eyes and the fact that they were doing it behind his back… Not good. Plus, every time she snuck into miles apartment, it described how loud she was being and I was like shut up shut up shut up YOUR BROTHER IS GOING TO HEAR YOU WOMAN.

I LOVED Miles.
I fell in love with this character SO EARLY ON. He had my attention from the very beginning of the story. I could totally relate with Tate because I don’t see how you could not fall in love with this guy. His career is important to him, he values relationships so much that he refuses to love again (6 YEARS with no sex guys. WHAT even is he), he is a good friend to Colin… I loved the way Colleen Hoover describes his appearance (his scar, his smile). I loved the way he was slowly falling head over heals in love with Tate and would always be trying to sneak her away from her brother. Miles was nice and caring towards her, despite his effort not to become attached to her. He his share of issues and flaws, but I couldn’t help but love him anyway. I’m sure tate felt the same way. I FELT FOR HIM SO MUCH.

I loved CAP. Oh my, this old man brought so much to the story. He was such a good friend to Tate. She could open up to him and trust him with her secrets. He understood her and could always cheer her up. He never failed at making her laugh with the jokes he’s learned over the years.

I am in love with the writing style. The characters are so real. The descriptions are so fitting. Every thought and detail that went into the work of this brilliant new adult romance was well worth it. EVERY KISS was written PERFECTLY. Nothing felt repetitive, or “too much”. I wish I could write like Colleen Hoover.

“A kiss is so much easier than what we’re doing. When you kiss, you can close your eyes. You can kiss away the thoughts. You can kiss away the pain, the doubt, the shame. When you close your eyes and kiss, you protect yourself from the vulnerability.”

This book was exactly what I needed. I’ve been waiting for a NA novel to WOW me. This was a true love story, even if it was an ugly one. I really am beginning to worship the ground that Colleen Hoover walks on. I now feel the need to go out and purchase everything she has ever written.

Because of the connection I felt with the characters, I loved this book even more than Maybe Someday. Her novels just keep getting better. Seriously. Pick this one up! I think it’s pretty obvious that I rated this 5 out of 5 stars on GoodReads.

I read this book along with Mallory, Marissa and Mackenzie.


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