Today I am in a fantastic mood. I got some exciting test results back, it’s Friday and it’s snowing! What more could I want? 

This week, I finally picked up my reading pace a little bit with the help of two audiobooks. The first one being Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? By Mindy Kaling, and the second one being Everyday by David Levithan. I just finished Everyday this morning and it was definitely worth the read! EVERYONE SHOULD READ EVERYDAY. Ha! The book and the action of course.

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I think my next read will be Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. I loved the first book in the series and am working on my review for you guys. I heard that this series gets better and better, so I am looking forward to diving into book #2.

This weekend, I will be spending time with my soon to be step sister and hopefully getting some homework and reading done. I’d love to know what you’re weekend plans are. Comment below!


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