The Kiss of Deception was supposed to be our October discussion book, unfortunately we all fell behind so moved it to November.

16429619Title: The Kiss of Deception
Author: Mary E. Pearson
Published: July 2014 by Henry Holt
492 pages
The first in the Remnant Chronicles series
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What were your thoughts before starting the book? Did you hear much about it before starting or did you go into it not knowing anything?
Mackenzie: I knew a little because someone was talking about it on YouTube and I thought it sounded interesting. I didn’t feel drawn in by the description on the back.
Mallory: The reason I wanted to pick it up was because I heard someone else talking about it and the way the chapters alternated point of views between assassin and prince and not knowing which is which sounded so good to me.
Maria: I heard good things about The Kiss of Deception and saw that it had pretty great ratings on Goodreads, but didn’t know much about the story. Going into it I was really hoping for the best because the cover is beautiful!
Marissa: I didn’t expect much from it because the back didn’t draw me in at first. I kind of just dived in without knowing much about it.

What did you think of the cover art?
Mackenzie: I really love the cover.
Mallory: I absolutely love it. It’s so dark but it fits so perfect with the setting of the story.
Maria: Its my new favorite cover now and looks stunning on my bookshelf. It is so well done!
Marissa: I also really like it. I like that the flower crown she’s wearing on the cover.

So getting a couple chapters in, did you guys like the way the point of views alternated? And how we didn’t know who was the assassin and who was the prince?
Mackenzie: I liked that we didn’t know who was who but I thought sometimes it was confusing to know whose chapter it was, like was it Lia or the prince, or the assassin, but besides that it was a good idea.
Mallory: I absolutely loved the way it was done. I really like when a book keeps you guessing. And I found the story most fast paced because we didn’t know which guy was which. I wanted to fly through it just to figure ouw who was who.
Maria: I thought that what the author did was brilliant. She turned this story into a fun guessing game for the reader. I really enjoyed the different point of views. It added a lot to the story.
Marissa: I really enjoyed the alternating point of views because its always nice to hear the other side. And it was so fun that we didn’t know who was who and having to guess for ourselves.

Adding on to that, did you correctly guess who was who?
Mackenzie: No, I was shocked.
Mallory: I actually guessed right for once in my life. I kept thinking hey, wouldn’t it be funny if she fell in love with the guy she was supposed to marry and ran away from from because she didn’t love him? So yeah that’s why I guessed.
Maria: I didn’t! I didn’t even know that the book would be about finding out who was the assassin and who was the prince at first. As I read, I became more curious, but in the end my assumption was wrong. I am completely happy with how it turned out.
Marissa: I didn’t. I was so sure I had it right the whole time and was pretty shocked with the grand reveal.

Adding on to that again, are you team Rafe or team Kaden?
Mackenzie: I like Kaden. I still liked them both.
Mallory: Rafe for me ❤ Although Kaden started getting a little better towards the end for me.
Maria: RAFE. I couldn’t help but love Rafe the entire time and it didn’t change in the end, but like Mallory said I started to like Kaden a little more as the story went out. (A LITTLIE!)
Marissa: Team Rafe all the way. Love him.

Moving on to Lia. What did you think of her as our main character?
Mackenzie: I didn’t love her as a main character. She was just okay for me.
Mallory: I actually really liked her. I loved that she wanted to get away from being a princess and work like a normal girl and actually worked her butt off to provide for herself. I found her to be a really strong character.
Maria: I really loved her! I respected her for getting out of her marriage. She was a strong main character. I also really liked how she was a princess, but acted like an ordinary girl most the time and blended in well when she was in hiding.
Marissa: I was all over the place with her. In some chapters I really liked her and in others I didn’t. But overall I think we was a good main character. I agree with Maria, I liked that she didn’t let the royalty get to her head.

Any thoughts on the world building?
Mackenzie: I found a few things confusing and maybe that’s why I couldn’t really get into the story. I really wanted to like it but I just couldn’t. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood to read this book.
Mallory: I think it was well thought out and delivered. I loved how it felt like an older time without really describing much of what kind of time it was. I was really impressed because usually I find so many things I hate about world building in other books.
Maria: I was pretty impressed with the world building. I thought that everything was put together extremely well. The royal aspect was super intriguing for me. I had a hard time putting this book down because of the world building for sure.
Marissa: I liked the old time feel of it as well. It added to the royalty in my opinion. I thought it was really well put together too.

And what about writing style?
Mackenzie: I did like the writing style. It was different from other YA books. I’m going to try and reread it soon and try to get into it better than the first time.
Mallory: The writing fit the story so perfectly to me. The descriptions are done just so well and I just love the way she puts words together. I felt like I was reading poetry half the time! It just flowed so well. And I like when authors throw a made up language in there, it adds a lot to me.
Maria: I feel like it flowed really well. So many details came together to make the story a great experience.
Marissa: The writing was done very well. It got confusing with a lot of the Vendan words thrown in there but I think it added to the idea of barbarians and not being able to understand them.

What did you think of the pace of the story?
Mackenzie: Sometimes it was a little slow but besides that it was a good pace, I think.
Mallory: I really flew threw it and loved every minute of it. Something was constantly happening and nothing felt slow or boring to me.
Maria: I liked the pacing. It wasn’t rushed at all and I was able to really enjoy every minute of it.
Marissa: I like that the chapters weren’t too long which made it flow nicely.

So are you going to pick up the next book?
Mackenzie: I really need to reread it first because I couldn’t get into it at the time, but I’m pretty sure I will.
Oh my gosh, yes! I wish it was going to be published sooner. Can’t wait!
I’m definitely going to. I can’t wait to find out what happens.

What did you rate it on Goodreads?
Mackenzie: ★★★★
Mallory: ★★★★★
Maria: ★★★★★
Marissa: ★★★★


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