15850937Title: Frozen
Author: Melissa De La Cruz + Michael Johnston
Published: September 2013 by Putnam Juvenile
336 pages
First in the Heart of Dread series
Source: Netgalley
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Maria’s thoughts:
Frozen is the story of Natasha Kestal, a girl with a secret, and her treacherous journey to “The Blue”. When the story begins, Natasha is a blackjack dealer in a Casino located in New Vagas, a city covered in ice. The planet is slowly being destroyed, but Natasha knows of a place where the water is still pure and the sun still shines. In order to get to “The Blue”, she must get the help of the runners. Frozen is a young adult fantasy novel about magic, love and adventure, written by none other than Melissa de la Cruz and her husband Michael Johnston.

Going into this book, although very drawn to the cover, I didn’t know what to expect. However, the story turned out to be one of a kind. The fact that it takes place in Las Vegas, and that the city is literally frozen over, is nothing like anything I have read before. What a wonderful and original setting!

Reading about their ship and the high seas was refreshing and exciting for me, as I don’t usually come across this type of adventure in other books.

I loved the magical elements, although I do wish that there could have been more. I understand that this was hidden for good reason and am very much looking forward to learning more about this new type of magic as well as more about the main character Natasha herself in the second instalment.

Speaking of Nat, she was a very interesting character. I found myself liking her very early on in the book and wanted to know more about her power. The relationship building between Nat and Wes was definitely one of my favorite things about this book. As I continued reading, it was obvious that SOMETHING was going on between them, and couldn’t help but look forward to more Nat+Wes scenes.

In the end, I have to say that this couple did a great job co-writing Frozen. I really enjoyed it – though I did not absolutely love it. I gave Frozen 4 out of 5 stars and will be picking up the second book in this fantastical series.

Mallory’s thoughts:
Natasha is a young blackjack dealer in New Vegas, the city covered by ice. The freezing temperature does not affect the casinos though. Night after night, they constantly have huge crowds gambling away for the night. Natasha wants out, she wants to get to “The Blue”. It’s a fantasy place that most have heard of, but have not taken the risk to get there. It is supposed to be a paradise of no ice, with sun and clear waters. The only thing is that the journey there is not an easy one. She can’t make it there on her own. And then Ryan Wesson comes into the casino, and he may just be what Natasha was waiting for to get her out of New Vegas and on her way to “The Blue”.

This was definitely not what I was expecting. It is a new kind of magical world, one I’ve never read anything similar. Although most of the magic had to be hidden through this book, I am expecting a lot more of it in the second book. I really like when two authors can come together and create a fresh new story and both writing styles really combine and click together. I found both Nat and Wes’s characters equally interesting. And I loved them together. Both “pretended” to have feelings for each other, all the while developing true feelings.

Most of this novel takes place on a ship with some fighting at sea involved which I absolutely loved. It gave it a real pirate feel, which I don’t read too much of. The ships crew was really great to get to know too. Not all characters were likeable and I love when authors throw characters in there that you don’t necessarily have to love.

The ending to this book tore at my heart strings with a cliff hanger that makes me excited to pick up the second book. A great set of characters that make you think they could be real, a badass setting on a ship in the middle of a sea, and completed by great writing from a pair of authors.

4/5 stars from me and I believe this is a book that will be enjoyed by so many people. I highly recommend giving it a go.

Thanks to Netgalley for providing us with a copy!



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