It’s not often that I don’t work on fridays, so I am taking advantage of this rainy day to get caught up on some much needed STUDYING and READING. I’ve been in a reading slump for the past week. School and work have been stressing me out to the max – but I am finally starting to get out of it (watching a ton of booktube videos really did help!).

Today I am continuing
Isn’t that the most gorgeous cover ever? I can’t stop staring at it’s beauty…. I just can’t.

I am LOVING this book guys! It’s been taking me so long to read it because of my heavy school workload, but the story is WONDERFUL. I am totally invested in the story as well as in the characters. Lia is so fun to read about and I am completely torn between Rafe and Kaden. I am DYING to find out who she ends up with. Right now, I kind of have a favorite – but that could change in the last hundred pages…

Really looking forward to discussing this with Mallory, Mackenzie and Marissa next week 🙂

Now back to studying for tomorrows exam… I really want to finish this tonight, but PRIORITIES…

Let me know if you have read THE KISS OF DECEPTION and what you thought of it! I am hearing mixed reviews. AND ARE YOU TEAM RAFE OR KADEN?????



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