2213661Title: The Graveyard Book
Author: Neil Gaiman
Published: 2008 by HarperCollins
312 pages
Source: Purchased
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Maria’s thoughts:
Bod Owens didn’t have the same upbringing as most children. The story begins with a retelling of the night of his parents murder. Bod had awaken to unsettling sounds coming from outside of his bedroom. Luckily, the boy had managed to climb out of his crib and escape his house before whoever it was had reached his bedroom. The killer, known as “the man Jack” throughout the novel, continues his search for the missing boy, for he is determined to finish his bloody job. That same night, Bod’s journey brings him inside of a graveyard, and there he meets a few very interesting ghosts. When Bod’s mother’s spirit appears, she asks the ghosts of the graveyard to take care of her son. They accept her offer and decide to raise him as their own. Bod receives “freedom of the graveyard” to protect him from the man Jack, whom will not rest until the child is dead.

I loved reading about Bod and watching him grow as a character. Always curious about both the real world and the ghost world, Bod was constantly asking questions and learning from his ghostly elders (and his mistakes). His adoptive parents were both caring and supportive, while his godfather was a good role model and friend. To be honest, I appreciated every single one of the characters that were brought to life in this story. Even the ghosts had felt very real, very alive, to me. The characters in The Graveyard Book were extremely well done. Each of them had a distinct personality and played an important part in the story. Gaimans characters blew me away, as they felt like they were going to step out of the pages at any given time.

Every chapter felt like a new adventure and each began with an illustration. I enjoyed that I was always learning about new characters, as well as learning more about the main characters, Bod and Jack. The pictures really added a certain oomph to the story and made it all the more original and fun to read.

I adored the descriptive writing style. Neil Gaiman painted a very detailed picture of The Graveyard Book in my mind. My reading experience was a lot like watching a movie. The story telling aspect was very memorable, appropriate for all ages and PERFECT for Halloween.

I rated this book 5 out of 5 stars and I definitely would recommend it! It really got me into the Halloween mood this year and i’m sure that I will be picking it up again in the future.

Mallory’s thoughts:
There is something about Neil Gaiman’s writing that brings me back to being a little girl, greedily devouring spooky stories about witches and monsters in the dark corners of my parents house. His writing and story telling ability is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, but that I want to keep experiencing over and over again.

Bod Owens was just a tiny baby when his family was murdered. Luckily, Bod was able to escape his crib and made it out of the house before the killers got to him. He crawled his way down to the graveyard, where the ghosts there decided to raise and take care of him, and giving him the name Nobody Owens, or Bod for short. He is raised well with lots of love and protection from the killer who is still out there and wants to return to kill Bod and finish the job. He also gets constant education. They teach him how to do ghostly things like dream walking and fading, as well as educating him about the living world.

And in a world of only ghosts and roaming around a graveyard, what will Bod do when he meets Scarlett, a young girl visiting the graveyard? And what will happen when he finally comes face to face with the man that wants to end his life?

As I said before Neil Gaiman’s story telling is so extremely satisfying and perfect, and the artwork that accompanies the novel is absolutely brilliant and fits the theme so well. At times it felt like I myself was sitting in that graveyard with Bod, listening to the conversations between him and the ghosts. I get so drawn in to his stories that sometimes I forget his characters are not real people.

Bod was a great character to read about as we watch him grow not only in age but also through his developing personality. He was very curious and always wanting to learn more. For a young boy I found him so passionate. All around just a top notch protagonist to read about and follow through the story.

I’m sad that this isn’t a series. I would absolutely love to read more about Bod as he gets older.

This was my fourth Gaiman novel and it’s safe to say I now consider him one of my top favorite authors and I can’t wait to devour the rest of his work. I want to binge read the rest of them, but I am going to try and take them slow as I will be very sad the day I run out of his books to read.

An easy 5/5 star rating for me. This was perfect to read in the fall/Halloween time. A highly recommended novel that is suitable for all ages!


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  1. I’m seeing so many Neil Gaiman reviews this week and it makes me so happy! I only just started reading him but The Graveyard Book was the first one and I loved it. I agree, the illustrations just make it even better! I’m interested in seeing what the graphic novel looks like, too.


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