Chris Colfer's THE LAND OF STORIESTitle: The Enchantress Returns
Author: Chris Colfer
Published: August 2013 by Little Brown Books
517 pages
Second in The Land of Stories series
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Colfer is the king of making me smile. In this sequel to The Wishing Spell, thirteen year old twins Alex and Conner Bailey return to the land of stories after their mother has been kidnapped by the evil enchantress. They once again meet their old friends along the way as they try to rescue their mom. There is no lack of adventure in this book as the twins try to fulfill their quest.

Colfer has created an amazing world that you can get lost in for hours. While reading this it felt like all my troubles had gone away and I was simply a young girl again wandering through the land of stories. I love the development and personality that goes into his characters. I’ve never had so many characters that actually make me laugh out loud.

In only two books I have grown so attached to each character and the whole land of stories world. I honestly wish this series would continue forever. I will be so sad when it ends.

My favorite quotes:
“I bet he would say that anyone can have a once-upon-a-time or a happily-ever-after, but it’s the journey between that makes the story worth telling,” Alex said. “And how characters face the challenges at hand is what makes them heroes.”

“Or maybe this is about my report on Animal Farm?” Conner said. “I know I said, ‘I wish George Orwell had used something to represent politics that didn’t give me a major craving for a bacon cheeseburger,’ but that’s really how I felt; I wasn’t trying to be funny.”

“Intelligence is not a competition,” she said. “There is plenty to go around, and there are many ways it can be demonstrated.”

“Let me think,” Mother Goose said. “We had the Dragon Age, the Age of Magic, and we’re currently in the Golden Age. Well, it used to be the Golden Age until all this drama happened.”
“The Dragon Age?” Conner asked excitedly. “You mean there were dragons in the fairy-tale world?”
“Tons of them,” Mother Goose said. “It was a mess! Disasters and barbecues left and right! They’re extinct now, kind of like your dinosaurs.”

The twins both hopped out of the carriage and crouched on the ground. Red was next to hop out and landed directly in the middle of them. Her gown exploded out of the carriage and securely covered the twins below her. It was perfect!
“So far so good,” Alex whispered under Red’s dress.
“Nice bloomers, Red,” Conner said, chuckling about the knee-length undershorts she had strategically put on.
Red grunted and kneed Alex in the head.
“Ouch! That was me, Red!” Alex said.
“Apologies,” Red said and then kneed Conner in the head.

“You’re not like any other woman I’ve ever met,” Alex told her.
“Why is that?” Goldilocks asked.
“You’re just so confident and self-sufficient,” Alex said. “So many girls-especially in our world-are so insecure and jealous. We rely so much on one another, but we’re so mean to each other at the same time. We could use more women like you to look up to.”


I promise you this book is worth the read. If you are turned off because it is targeted towards a younger audience, I am telling you to give it a try anyway. It is too cute and fluffy to pass up!

Another easy 5 star rating and I can’t wait to get to the next book in the series!



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