We have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Ophelle from bookburnn. Thank you so much for the nomination!

Here are the rules:

  • Link & thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions your nominator gives you
  • Tag 11 other bloggers who have 200 or less followers
  • Ask the 11 bloggers you nominated 11 questions and let them know you nominated them!

Our questions:

  1. What are your top three favorite genres?
    Mallory: Contemporary, thriller, fantasy.
    Maria: Paranormal romance, dystopian, contemporary
  2. Do you have any “unpopular opinion” towards any book?
    Mallory: Well, I hated The Hunger Games.
    Maria: Not that I can think of.
  3. What’s your favorite series?
    Mallory: Such a hard choice. Harry Potter, The Saga of Darren Shan, The Land of Stories.
    Maria: This is such a hard decision.. The Divergent series would definitely be up there!
  4. Do you read non-fiction? Why or why not?
    Mallory: Once in a while I get a craving for it, but not too often.
    Maria: No, simply because i’ve always had a love for fiction. I would like to read more non-fiction in the future.
  5. What book would you recommend to a “beginner” reader?
    Mallory: Harry Potter.
    Maria: The Harry Potter series and The Lux series.
  6. Who’s your favorite character? And why?
    Mallory: Haaaard choice. Panicking, I don’t know if I can pick one. I’m going to think about this and do a whole separate post on this!
    Maria: Katniss from the Hunger Games and Rose from Vampire Academy because they are such strong female characters.
  7. What book adaptation you hated the most?
    Mallory: The Vampire Academy movie was pretty terrible.
    Maria: I was pretty disappointed with the Vampire Academy movie.
  8. Have you always enjoyed reading?
    Mallory: Yes but I’ve started reading a lot more within the last five years.
    Maria: Yes, always!
  9. Can you imagine, what’s life like without books?
    Mallory: I think people would have way less imagination.
    Maria: I’d rather not.
  10. What’s your favorite book format?
    Mallory: I equally love my physical copies and the books on my Kobo. Love the look of my shelves but love carrying around hundreds of books with me at once.
    Maria: Physical copies of course!
  11. What does your dream library look like?
    Mallory: Well my book room that I have is already turning into my dream library.
    Maria: Built in shelves, a fireplace and a cozy couch.

So we don’t have anyone in particular to nominate, so if you are reading this we nominate YOU! And we would love to see your answers to the same questions we answered.



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