3636Title: The Giver
Author: Lois Lowry
Published: 1993 by Ember
179 pages
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Maria’s thoughts:
Jonas is an eleven year old boy who was brought up in a very interesting society where there was no such thing as war, where everything and everyone was equal. Sameness is the word that Jonas had used throughout the novel. On his twelfth birthday, Jonas would be assigned a job in the community. Jonas gets assigned a very special job, unlike any other. He would become the new Receiver of Memories. Without knowing exactly what this meant, Jonas meets with the Giver as instructed and learns the truth about how the world has become so perfect. No one else, except for the Giver, has any memory of the way things were before the Sameness. No memory of love, no memory of war, no memory of color… Jonas begins to receive these memories, some good and some painful, as he discovers the truth behind the Sameness.

Jonas was a great character to read about, always putting other people first. He was smart and very caring. I felt for Jonas as he learned the harsh truth behind the jobs done by his family and friends.

This is definitely a story that will make you think. As an education student, I can see why this is a very popular book to read in school. It had me questioning the world that we live in today, and I’m sure younger people would be able relate to Jonas more than I could. It would be interesting to hear different opinions from young readers. I think that Lois Lowry is a genius for coming up with this dystopian world and inspiring so many authors of today.

I rated The Giver 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Mallory’s thoughts:
Jonas lives in a perfectly controlled society. There is no fear, no war, no pain. Everyone has a job and everything runs smoothly. Each family consists of a dad, a mom and two children. At every age the children have ceremonies and the Ceremony of 12 is when the children finally receive the roles they will have in the community. Every child gets called up and presented with their role, except for Jonas. He is passed over. Jonas has been selected for a very special position. The Receiver. He is to meet with a man who he calls the Giver and receive all of his memories, and with those memories comes the truth.

This is known as one of the original dystopian stories that has influenced a lot of authors today. It is a very short novel but I am finding it very difficult to review this book as I still don’t seem to have my thoughts in order for this one.

I’m going to start out with the world building. Lowry does a great job of painting a picture of a futuristic world and it feels like you are thrown into it. It is a world where nothing goes wrong. Every aspect of the community and it’s inhabitants is controlled. Babies are given to families, you start taking pills once you start having ‘suggestive’ dreams, you may only ride bikes at a certain age and you are placed into a job that they see you fit for. This is how they live and do not question it until Jonas becomes the Receiver. He gets the memories of the time before everything was controlled and he also gets a look at the ugly and horrifying society they are living in.

I loved Jonas as the main character. He was very interesting to read about. For a twelve year old he was so brave and considerate. There are multiple times throughout the book where he puts others before himself. I’m sad that he won’t be in the sequel.

Lowry’s writing was fabulous. The ending leaves off on a cliffhanger that we know if not getting picked up in the second book since it’s about different characters. But it really lets you use your imagination to figure out what happened to the characters.

I will definitely be checking out the rest of this series.

And I cannot wait to check out the movie adaptation. You can watch the trailer here:

4/5 star rating.


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