12866426Title: Taken at Dusk
Author: C.C. Hunter
Published: 2012 by St. Martin’s Press
380 pages
Third in the Shadow Falls series
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Maria’s thoughts:
Throughout this novel, Kylie continues to try to find out what she really is. People keep suggesting different paranormal creatures (werewolf, shapeshifter, healer…), but Kylie has been showing signs of not one, but many paranormal characteristics. Bits and pieces are being put together when Kylie meets with her birth father and other family members. The majority of the novel was based on this – and it isn’t until the very end of the book when we come across a major clue in finding out what Kylie truly is. The ending leaves readers with many unanswered questions.

The friendship between Kylie and her roommates never fails to amuse me. Della and Miranda are funny characters that add a lot of ‘fun’ to the story. I`ve also always loved Holiday. From the very beginning of this series, I’ve admired Holiday’s motherly character.

I must admit, Kylie annoys me at times. But that doesn’t stop me from being curious and excited to find out more about what she is. I really love reading about the ghosts. In fact, my favorite part of Taken at Dusk would have to be when Kylie visits the graveyard. The ghosts are so interesting to me, and the whole time I am thinking HELP THEM KYLIE.

When it comes to Kylie’s troubles regarding her parents, I can relate to that. I also enjoy reading about her relationship with her mom and her old friends from back home. It would be kind of stupid if she just dropped all of that the second she went to Shadow Falls – so I do appreciate the fact that it is still being talked about in book three.

Derek wasn’t in this book as much, and the whole ‘Lucas vs. Derek’ thing is starting to get old. I’m sorry. I LOVED the love triangle in the first book, but for some reason it just isn’t DOING IT for me anymore. Maybe if I felt more for the characters…

I honestly am not super attached to the characters in the Shadow Falls series. The books are good. Entertaining. Fun. Easy reads. But they aren’t AMAZING in my opinion. I also want to mention that this book got a lot more interesting towards the end.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Mallory’s thoughts:
Three books into the series and I am still not entirely hooked.

I had a few problems through this book, mostly with Kylie. I find her to be quite a baby and very dependent on the other characters. I love a good, strong female as a main character and she doesn’t fit it for me. It broke my heart and made me so angry that she kept ignoring Sarah, her best friend from back home, not a very good best friend in my eyes. And she was way too lenient with Derek throughout the book, because honestly NO girl forgives anyone that easily.

My favorite character is still hands down Miranda. She is so cute and absolutely hilarious, especially when she turned Burnett into a kangaroo. She always makes me laugh with her magic. I love Della too, and that phone call between Kylie and Sarah where she called Della a bitch was another scene that had me laughing out loud. Kylie is very lucky to have those girls as friends.

And now this love triangle. Is it ever going to end? Three books and she is still juggling the same guys? Hurry up and make your decision! *cough* team Lucas all the way… *cough*.

I find Hunter’s writing quite bland. I don’t find it exciting nor thought provoking. There were a few twists I didn’t see coming (one death in particular had me quite shocked) but I’m still waiting to be blown away. I’m very happy we finally found out what Kylie is because that was being dragged on just a little too much for my liking.

In the beginning of the book there is a disappearance of an older couple and then that problem is not addressed until a lot later on in the book. The book seems to jump around between topics instead of focusing on one main point, which makes it seem like there are holes in the plot.

This series feels very preteen with a few swears in there for the older audience. This book got more interesting towards the end, but book four better start off with a bang.

I gave this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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