Well another weekend is finally here. Normally I work Saturdays but tomorrow I actually have off! But I have a wedding to go to, which means probably not too much reading getting done tomorrow.

I hope to finish four books this weekend, one is a graphic novel so it won’t take long at all.

I am currently reading The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa which is the second book in the Iron Fey series. I am enjoying it so far although I wish I could remember what happened in the first book. It’s been so long since I’ve read it.

Click here to find it on Goodreads

And then I would also like to finish Locke and Key Volume 3 by Joe Hill. This is a super interesting and gory graphic novel written by Stephen King’s son. It has a lot of swearing and violence so I would only suggest this series to a more mature audience.

Click here to find it on Goodreads

And then I would like to get at least two more books read, although I’m not sure which ones yet. We will see what I am in the mood for once I finish these!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Let me know in the comments what you will be reading!



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