I’ve finally read all of the books in the Harry Potter series. I began this reading journey in May and finished at the beginning of August. Without going into too much detail, knowing that almost everybody and their mother has at least heard about the famous Harry Potter series, here is my review:


I wanted to read the Harry Potter series for a very long time, but was afraid of committing to a 7 book series (not to mention that the books are huge). I worried that I would have to push myself to continue reading and that it would feel too much like a job. Boy was I wrong… Once I was pulled into the famous world of Hogwarts, I had no trouble reading the big books and I was enjoying every minute of it. The truth is, these books can be read quickly because with every book comes a new adventure that will have your full attention.

The first two books of the series were the slowest for me. I believe this was due to the fact that Harry is only 11 and 12 during these books and the story seemed a bit childish compare to the others. It was book three that really had me captivated!

At 11 years old, Harry Potter discovers that he is a wizard and is to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, Harry learns not only about himself, but also about his birth parents and “He who shall not be named”. Harry becomes good friends with Ron and Hermione, very early on in the series. He also meets other fantastic characters (my personal favorites would have to be Hagrid and Dumbledore. Hagrid is just the cutest.) I can honestly say that it was the witches, wizards, giants, house-elves and other magical beings that really got me into this fantasy series.

Socks are Doby’s favorite clothes sir. I has seven now sir… But sir… They has made a mistake in the shop, Harry Potter, they is giving you two the same.”

I still don’t know how J.K Rowling managed to make a house elf sound so adorable.

The characters are carefully written to be witty, funny and realistic (even being in such a magical world). I’ve always loved the idea of witches, but I now have a special place in my heart for giants and elves too…

Hermione and Ron are with Harry every step of the way and they grow together throughout the seven books. The character development between the three of them is extremely well-done, as they go from children to adults. It was really fun to read about them as teenagers, when they begin to develop feelings for each other. I especially loved getting a sneak peek into their future at the very end of book 7. What a great surprise! It left me happy, but also sad knowing that there wasn’t anymore to their story.

He who must not be named (Lord Voldemort) is after Harry Potter throughout the entire series. He is a favorite villain of many, but I can’t say that I share the same love for him. I appreciate the way his character was written and understand the importance of his role throughout the series (lets be honest – there wouldn’t be much of a story without him) but I’m just not his number one fan. The reason behind this is simply because I love the other characters so much more.

One of the best families that I have ever read about would have to be the Weasley’s. They don’t have very much money, but they would do anything for their kids. They treated Harry like one of their own. It was nice for Harry to have the Weasley’s as a second family, since the Dursleys treated him so horribly most of the time.

The magical setting really grew on me. At first, reading about the magic that went on at Hogwarts was a bit strange, but the more you read – the more you want more. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry takes place in a castle hidden in Scotland. The castle, the forbidden forest, the quidditch pitch and the other magical places were not lacking descriptions and kept readers interested throughout the series.

The magical-ness of Hogwarts is what really pulled me in. Rooms that move around, talking paintings and bathrooms guarded by ghosts… What’s not to love? Overall, the setting in the Harry Potter series made me very happy and wanting more!

Like I mentioned, the descriptions and the character development was extremely well done. You have to keep in mind that these books are made for younger readers, however I believe that it can be enjoyed by all ages. The writing was wonderful. I like that J.K Rowling made this book so funny, even in the most serious situations. I am amazed with how creative J.K Rowling must be to have written 7 entire books set in this magical world and also come up with such great characters and creatures. Each and every one of them has a strong personality of their own.

All in all, I loved this series. Reading about the trouble that Harry had gotten himself into was never a dull moment. For me, this magical world was an escape from work and school. They made me laugh, they made me cry… I understand why this is such a well-known, appreciated book series. The Harry Potter series is perfect for all ages. I would love to read it again.


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